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How to Use A Pocket Pal


Pocket pals or Pocket Pussies are sex toys made for male masturbation. While they are priced lower than Fleshlights, many of these pleasure devices are made with a material that feels like real human flesh and have inner textures that will take your orgasm to a new level. While the expensive mastubation toys dominate the market, there are a number of products that deliver big pleasure. The Super Sucker offers a real mouth oral sensation.  If you want an unbelievable anal experience, the Colt Gear Man Butt Masturbator has a very tight canal with pleasure walls that feel just like booty. Once you find a toy that works for you, these pointers will make sure that you have the best experience possible.


Heat it Up

I highly recommended that you warm up your Pocket Pal prior use. It will give you the same satisfaction of a warm body. Simply fill up the bathroom sink with very warm water, and soak your Pocket Pal. Let it stand for a few minutes. It will be warm and the heat from the water will keep this temperature throughout your play session.  There is nothing like a warm toy.


Lube it Up

Your Pocket Pal is made to give great pleasure using water based lubes and silicone lubricants that are toy friendly. JUS Lube by Dick Ross feels silky, doesn't dry out and is soft to the touch. Want to walk on the wild side ? Try Wet Ectasy Cool Tingle. It has a cooling sensation that will drive you crazy. Experiment with different lubes until you find the sensation that works for you.


Time to Play

Simply slide into the lubricated Pocket Pal to enjoy. You can use either hand. Altering your stroking technique will provide a variety of sensations. Squeezing adds extra tension that is very erotic for a number of men. There are a number of articles on masturbation techniques, you can use these with your Pocket Pal.


Variety is the Spice of Life

Make your play time with your Pocket Pal an adventure. You can watch a movie while playing or invte a friend over for a Jacks session. Own a webcam ? Let a friend watch you play. This is a hot fantasy. Should want to vary the sensation, you can purchase a new Pocket Pal due to the budget friendly price. Dickz Toyz is always available to giv e suggestions based on what you want to experience.


Dickz Pickz

Colt Gear Man Butt Masturbator


JUS Premium Lubricant by Dick Ross