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How to Use A Fleshlight


You  have heard guys on the popular message boards talking about it and really wanted to know if it felt as good as everyone said. You bought your Fleshlight and it's time to rock your world. These pointers will make sure that you have the best time possible.


Heat it Up

I highly recommended that you warm up your Fleshlight prior to use. It will give you the same satisfaction of a warm body. Simply fill up the bathroom sink with hot water, and submerge the Fleshlight. Let your Fleshlight stand for at least ten minutes. Your pleasure device will be warm and the heat from the water will keep it this temperature throughout your first play session.  Slide the sleeve back into the case and you are one step away from excitement.


Lube it Up

Welcome to the wonderful of sexual lubricants. Your fleshlight is made to give great pleasure using water based lubes and silicone lubricants that are toy friendly. JUS Lube by Dick Ross feels silky, doesn't dry out and is soft to the touch.  Time with your toy is a chance to experiment and have fun.


Time to Play

Simply slide into the Fleshlight to enjoy. You can use either hand or place it between pillows and play hands free. The bottom end cap allows you to adjust the amount of suction and intensity during every stroke. Stroke a few times and  twist for your personal comfort level. Experimentation is key here to finding what you like best.


Fleshlight Fun All the Time

You now have one of the best masturbation devices to enjoy when the feeling hits. You can watch a movie while playing or invte a friend over for a Jacks session. You will never have a dull moment with your Fleshlight. And remember that you can always purchase new inserts that provide different forms of stimulation.  Dickz Toyz is always available to assist with any support concerns.