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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation


You have been looking forward to getting busy all day. You planned out the perfect evening to be followed by hours in the sack. But 30 seconds in and  it's all over . Your man is looking at you with disgust and embarrassment begins to set in as you start firing excuses. Belive it or not, this happens many times.You could you be one of the millions of men who are challenged by premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is defined as an orgasm after less than two minutes of intercourse. It effects one in three men. In this article, we will look at the causes and give you great solutions to keep you rocking all night long.


Learned Habit

As masturbating teens, most men learn quick ways of getting off before getting caught.

These physical responses make it very challenging to unlearn them when older.



Both stress and anxiety activate the part of the brain responsible for controlling arousal. The endorphin rush further conditions the brain into inducing an ejaculation as a default stress-management response.


Unreliable Erections

 When a man can’t trust his erections to last for as long as he’d like, he may shoot when he still has a chance, before he loses his erection.



Older men often have lower sex drive, lower penile sensitivity, and fewer opportunities for sex, making them push things a bit too hard when they hook up.  

The Fix

No matter what the cause, with a little tweak here and a little squeeze there, you’ll be able to hit a solution that works for you. Here are a few things to try out.


Conditional & Response

We become conditioned to go off in specific ways -- learning new ways to respond can alter our surefire mechanisms and thus slow us down. For example, if you masturbate with the same hand every time, try switching to the other; or learn to bring yourself to the point just before the moment of inevitability and then stop stimulating yourself until you go soft, then start up again. This will allow greater and greater control over time.


The Stop and Go Technique

If you can learn to use it to control the flow of your urine, you’ll be able to control your orgasm as well. So whenever you pee, try stopping yourself mid-flow, count to three, and then start up again. The more you practice with it, the better control you’ll have over your PC muscle and thereby ejaculation.


Tight Squeeze

 Any pressure applied to the area just below the head can stop a man from reaching orgasm. When you feel yourself getting close, pull out, apply pressure there for a few seconds and then re-enter, while he lays still, minimizing stimulation.


The Scrotal Pull

If you don’t like pulling out, you can grab the top of your scrotal sack and pull it away from the body, just as it starts to rise into it. This will stop the orgasm and buy you more time.



Decreasing the sensation of the penis can help you delay ejaculation. Some men  "double-bag ” the penis with two condoms, you can applying a desensitizer like Boost Prolong Spray or wearing a cock ring to slow you down.


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