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How to Put a Condom on an Uncircumsized Man



Condoms are tricky enough to put on with most couples getting caught up in the “which way does it unroll?” dilemma. Now, add the dilemma of foreskin for good measure and you may be in a whole new realm of frustration. Looking at some condom forums and reading what uncircumcised men are venting about when it comes to slipping on condoms may make circumcised men count their blessings. The most common complaints seem to revolve around the condom “bunching up” and/or slipping off. There was even a complaint about “poking through” that I thought might need an entire essay to devote to.


Basic condom instructions for the uncircumcised man go something along the lines of this: pull back the foreskin, place the condom on the tip, pinch the very tip of the condom to squeeze out any excess air (and to leave a reservoir for the semen to accumulate) and unroll the condom until it reaches the base of the erect penis. However, if you are an uncircumcised man who is still having problems with condoms, read on.


Once the condom is outside of the package and before you begin any rolling on, put a tiny drop of water based in the tip. JUS Premium Lubricant feels like your body's own juices. This should work wonders when slipping the condom onto the shaft. This may also serve to make you more sensitive to the experience.


Pull back the foreskin before slipping the condom on. Unroll the condom until it reaches the base of the shaft (do not forget to pinch the tip). Keeping the base steady, gently push on the foreskin until it is once again at the tip. This will allow the foreskin to have more “breathing room” during sex.

Putting a little water-based lubrication on the outside of the condom should also help with friction issues.


Some uncircumcised men who deal with the “bunching up” of the condom swear by buying condoms that are a bit longer than actually needed. This allows some extra give on the condom so that the condom will be snug around the base and still have enough to work with to pull over the foreskin. Similarly, condoms with a large reservoir tip can also help.


Test out different sizes and different types of condoms to find one which fits comfortably and suits both you and your partner.