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How to Pull Back Your Foreskin


There is not a plethora of information readily available for uncut guys. There's an assumption that everyone is circumcised. Uncut men must have foreskin that is able to be pulled back to ensure proper cleaning. Unfortunately, there are men that have issues with retraction. Retracting the foreskin of your penis is easy. You will need olive oil and patience.


Be Gentle

 If you've never pulled back your foreskin, chances are it's not going to go all the way back the first time you attempt it. If it hurts to pull your foreskin back to a certain point, stop! Forcing it beyond this point is a good way to cause splitting and scarring.


Stretch it Out

 Like your muscles, the foreskin needs a good stretching to become flexible. Start by gently pulling on your foreskin with a finger or two so that it becomes flexible around the head of your penis. Get into the habit of doing this every day.


Best When Wet

Retracting the foreskin is easier when bathing. The combination of the soap and water will make it easier. You have all the time in the world. Hold your penis between the pointing finger and thumb of both hands. Pull the foreskin back towards your pubic bone as far as you can without discomfort, use one pointing finger and thumb to pull the foreskin back and over the glands of your penis. If the glands of the penis seems like it is stuck once you get it out of the foreskin, don't panic, you will be able to get the foreskin back over.


Make it Loose

You can use olive oil to lubricate your foreskin if the bath method is challenging. Steer clear from petroleum jelly or perfumed oils that can cause irritation in some men. Be generous in application. Slowly retract your foreskin.


Practice Makes Perfect

Be sure to repeat this process at least twice a day, you will get used to it quickly. Never force this process. Take your time. The more you retract your foreskin the quicker it will become loose.


Medical Assistance

If these methods are not helping, its time for medical intervention. Your doctor can prescribe you a steroid cream that will greatly assist in pulling back your foreskin. Usually these are a once-daily application, but see your doctor for exact directions. Rub the cream on your foreskin and gently stretch it.


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