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How to Prepare Your Man for Oral Sex


You know he loves when you go down below. But since giving head is a " job" you need to make sure you have all the tools neccesary to work. Resist the urge to suck on salty balls just because he wants it. It's very challenging to give head, let alone enjoy it when he's musty. There are a few things that you can do to keep him ready for your special gift. When he realizes the reward to following these tips, you won't have to worry about him being clean.


His Bush

Long pubic hair can really get in the way during fellatio. If the man has nappy hair, then getting one of those curly hairs in your teeth can be down right irritating. This will kill the mood and make him not want to go below.  Not to mention that when he stops the action to remove the hair, it will kill the arousal.

Pubic hair will also trap sweat and bacteria, causing the odor of a manís genitals to become musty. There are many men who wonít even go near a man with genital odor. Needless to say, long and untrimmed pubic hair can wreak havoc on good head. The solution is simple: Buzz your bush. And after you wash your boys use a product like Nice Nuggets to keep them fresh.


Deep Throat

The girls on the porn get paid to gag. All others have to deal with this sensation at some point in their sex life. If you are not one that can swallow without gagging, then you need to make him aware that you will not be trying to take all of him in one gulp. You can learn to deep throat but practicing on him isn't the time to do it. It is best to use a dildo with a suction cup base as a practice tool. Should you need a little extra help, oral sex mints are the answer. The Deep Throat Brand chocolate oral sex mints temporarily soothes the throat allowing you to go deeper without anxiety.



Part of the pleasure of oral sex is the setting where its taking place. There is something that arouses people when they enjoy sex in an environment that is not routine. Oral sex is one of the best acts that can be performed almost anywhere. You won't have to worry about him taking so long to reach pleasure. The sheer exicitement can do half the work for you. Give him the thrill of his life with an oral quickie in a new location. I have intense oral orgasms in an Adult Theater, Secluded Park, Coat Room and Bathroom Stall.

Deep Throat Chocolate Oral Sex Mints