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How to Please Your Partner


If you want to enjoy a better relationship, you have to learn how to please your partner.  Focusing on your partner gives the ultimate reward. Gone are the days when you get yours and leave them frustrated on the bed. You're too old for that. Should you truly desire to experience the best sex of your life, then making your partner a priority is essential. A man's ability to please his partner can have an extremely positive effect on his confidence. It feels good to know that you can make your man happy. This article outlines a few tips that will enable you to do just that.


New Position

Experiment with positions that will hit different angles. Some positions can create an increased sensation. Even a variation of a basic technique can lead to a new high. You can find various positions by searching Google .


He Wants the Big O

Become a maestro of oral sex. This is one of the best ways to get your partner screaming.  Whether the oral comes prior to penetration to warm him up, or during a night where the focus is completely on his pleasure; oral will definitely have him craving more. Whether a top or bottom, you can bring him pleasure. Should your partner not enjoy the act, incorporate the Mood Pleaser Frost Masturbator into your arsenal. It feels like the real thing. If he's a bottom, the Dr. Joel 5 Function Prostate Massager will rock his P Spot. You can stimulate him while he gets a treat. Now you can give him the sensation even though you may not like the act.


Kiss It

Incorporate body kisses into foreplay. By running your lips over various parts of his body, sensual sensations build up filling him with ectsasy. Kissing is one of the most intimate acts you can perform. So start exploring the body with your lips and watch his body tremble in delight.


Foreplay Works

Engage is long foreplay sessions. Use foreplay to your advantage to get him turned on prior to engaging. Foreplay will increase the intensity and sensations of the act. Intercourse will have a energy of enjoyment resulting in a stronger climax.