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How to Get Off A Man Who is Long Winded


Your man is everything you want in a sex partner. He's attentive, makes you feel special and knows exactly how to get you off. But there is a problem. It takes him forever to have an orgasm. While you are aware that some men are long winded. You have no idea how to satisfy him in a way that brings him pleasure and keeps you from getting bored waiting for his big moment. You are in luck. Here are a few tips that can help.  


Talk it Up

Sometimes its best to address your issues head on. Your man may already know that he is long winded. By communicating your desire to please him, you can learn a few of the ways that he gets off. Once you understand what he needs, you can be a willing participant in his climax. Be sure to have this conversation outside of the bedroom when you are both in a great mood. Should he be only able to climax through masturbation, find ways to pleasure him to heighten his release.


Fill Up on Foreplay

Contrary to popular belief, men do enjoy foreplay. It sets the mood for great sex and allows you to connect with your partner on a deeper level. When making love to a man thats long winded, its good to add foreplay to your arsenal. Sensual massage can turn him on and bring him closer to a climax. Kissing, touching and licking his errogenous zones can heighten sex . If your man is aural, reading erotica can fill his ears with fantasy.


Power Up the Porn

Men are visual and sometimes they need something to look at to get them ready for the big moment. While you may not be cool with the idea of him watching porn to get himself going, it could be the solution when done strategically. Find his favorite video and encourage him to watch it while you are cleansing your body for sex. Take your time to pamper yourself while he takes in the sights and sounds. Once you enter the room, he should be ready to go. You may find that the act of him getting himself worked up makes his climax happen sooner.  


Using A Premium Lubricant

Using a higher quality lubricant that creates more sensation is essential. Lubrication creates a silky glide that will heighten the feeling. Your partner will be able to feel more of you increasing his sensitivity. Gun Oil is a premium lubricant that doesn't dry out. It has vitamin e and aloe to soothe and increase intimacy. Adequate lubrication will keep intercourse from becoming uncomfortable if he's taking a longer time to reach his big moment.  


Time for the Toys

Turn your bedroom into a playground with toys designed for men. Not only do toys provide hours of stimulation, they can help him reach orgasm faster. A masturbator can help your top reach orgasm with its ribbed inner tunnel that massages him from base to tip. The Mood Pleaser Frost feels like the real thing. It has hand grips that allow you to add pleasurable pressure. Each squeeze will be sensual. Men who bottom can rock thier P spot with a prostate massager and experience an anal orgasm. The Compact Prostate Massager by Dr. Joel Kaplan teasers your sweet spot while the vibration sends shockwaves through your body. Remember that you and your lover donít have to orgasm together during intercourse Ė be openminded to try different ways of pleasuring each other.