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How to Make Masturbation Feel Like the Real Thing


Jerking off maybe your favorite activity but sometimes it can get a little boring. In order to keep the experience pleasing, you need to create a new sensation. While you may not be ready to plop down eighty bucks for a fleshlight, you can get some of that leg shaking pleasure. Use these simple tips to make your session more sensual. If you want it to feel like the real thing then here what you've got to do.


Lube it Up

For the life of me, I just can't see how men masturbate without lube. The thought of the friction and dry skin can almost induce a dick burn. If you haven't experienced masturbation with lube, then its time to invest. Lube is the single most important criteria to making masturbation feel like the real thing. A mouth is wet. The pussy is wet. Ass is wet. So why in the sam hill are you stroking dry ?  JUS Premum Pure Water Lubricant  feels great. It has a silky feel that will keep you enhanced.


Change Your Stroke  

If you are doing the old back and forth, then using a new technique can do wonders. You can alternate hands massaging up your shaft, use one hand to hold the base while the other stimulates the head or interlace your fingers and move them up your shaft. There are hundreds of ways to rub one out. These three will keep you busy for the time being. Using your body to move your penis in and out of your hand can create the sensation of sex rather than masturbating. Be daring and learn a few tricks. Fortunately, DickzToyz.com has a plethora of tips and tricks.


The Towel Stroker

Another trick to recreate the feeling of a hot mouth during masturbation is to use a condom, lube and a warm towel. Squirt a generous amount of lube in the condom and then put the condom on your penis. A female condom works great for this method.  Wrap a warm towel around your penis after you put the condom on, and grip the warm towel and move it back and forth when you masturbate. This is a great way to recreate the “warm, wet” feeling. This takes some time and preparation. That’s why many men choose to use male sex toys for masturbation instead of using items found around the house – it just works so much better!


Masturbation Toys

There have been so many advances in sex toy technology that you can find a sex toy that feels like being deep throated, a warm vibrating vagina or a tight ass. These items are made from material that feels like real skin. Many of the top brands have internal ribbings to give a life like sensation. Your are only limited by how much you choose to invest. The Girl Next Door Pocket Pal has been my personal favorite. It grips you and doesn't stop until you do.  And can own one for $20. Most men who have purchased a toy have never gone back to using their hand. It's that damn satisfying.


Dickz Pickz

Girl Next Door Pocket Pal

JUS Premium Pure Water Based Lubricant