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How to Make a Sex Tape


You've thought about it. Videotaping yourself having sex when done right, can bring a couple closer together. However, there are several pitfalls that must be avoided to ensure that your video is a make rather than break moment for your relationship. With a little knowledge and preparation, you can be sure that your first video won't be your last.



When making a quality home movie, it's all about the camera. Though they may be easy and readily available, avoid webcams; the resolution sucks and it's tethered to your computer. Besides, if you're going to tape yourself having sex from 10 feet across the room, you may as well be watching strangers doing it.

Invest in a reliable, lightweight digital camera. You don't need to go out and buy a pro-grade HDV camcorder -- the bells and whistles on a high-end camera might be nice, but the likelihood of you needing to rack focus in the bedroom is nil. You want something that has a decent resolution and is small for easy handling. Samsung makes some great camcorders that record digitally and upload directly to your computer.



The camera is going to see things that you can't. If you African-American and have hair all over your body, then it may not look sensual on camera. Also nappy nuts don't translate well. You don't have to shave yourself bald , but do consider undertaking some serious manscaping to make things a bit more viewer-friendly. Also consider taking a shower before the big shoot. This will allow you to take full stock of any problem areas on your body and deal with them.


Performance enhancement

We know you're good in bed, but even the best of us have issues performing on camera. Staying hard on camera can be a challenge if you have to adjust the camera between positions. Ensure you stay rock hard with a good supplement. Xplozion Pills will keep you going for hours and allow your money shot to be the biggest release you have had to date. Just take one pill an hour before filiming. If you are nervous prior to recording, a drink will help. In fact, if you each have a drink before moving things to the bedroom, you'll have less performance anxiety and be more comfortable while taping.


Let there Be Light

A great sex tape has awesome lighting. Avoid looking like an amatuer on Xtube. Be sure to purchase a few soft white light bulbs and have them facing toward the cieling. You will then reduce shadows and have an even effect. Be creative here to find what looks best.


POV Works 

It's as important to switch camera angles as it is to switch sexual positions. Though it's tempting to always be the voyeur, the point of buying a small, lightweight camera is to be able to pass it back and forth to each other with relative ease. Give him the opportunity to film you. Allow him to choose what he wants to see in a film of the two of you.



Before taping any sexual act, talk about tape proprietorship. For the privacy of each person involved, only one copy should ever exist. Never upload it to a computer or transfer it to an alternate format -- that's how third parties get the opportunity to lay their eyes on your private things. For mutual assurance, the responsible arrangement is to keep the tape for only a few weeks, watch it again, and then erase it together.


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