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How to Keep Anal Sex Clean: Before, During and After


For those who love the booty, it can be a messy affair. Even after using an anal douche like the Streem Master Hydra, you can still have an accident. It just goes with the territory.  And if you and your partner are going bare, there are extra precautions that need to be taken into consideration. I would like to share a few simple tips to keep anal clean.


Anal Douche

One of the most effective methods to ensure no or few accidents is by  using an anal douche to irrigate your body. You don't have to use multiple bottles to get clean. Fill up the bulb and release the water into your body. To ensure comfort, using a lubricant on the tip will help with insertion.


Wipe Frequently

If you are very passionate in the bedroom, things can get very intense. You may be licking and sticking without giving any consideration to spreading bacteria. Having wipes are a very effective method to keep anal clean. Always wipe your penis and your parnter's bottom if you are going to transition between anal and oral. Should your partner have an accident during, pull out and wipe. There are numerous brands of sex wipes on the market but I am partial to Huggies. It feels soft and gets the job done.


He Got the Money Shot

If you are having unprotected sex, you must be sure to cleanse your body after penetration. Love juice will seep out of your body causing an accident in your underwear regardless of how tight your booty is. Be sure to use your anal douche again to flush out liquids and debris. I only advise bare sex with tested partners but I do realize that many men are having anonymous raw sex. Whenever possible, wrap it up ! All top men should have an anal douche available. Just because he cleaned before he came doesn't guarantee he will stay that way.


After Care

Once you have completed your session it is very important to have a cleaning regimen.  It is best to have baby wipes at bedside to make this process easy. Wipe your hands, penis and his bottom to clean any initial spills. You can then refresh with a quick shower. Be sure to clean your penis and under your finger nails. This process can be made very erotic by asking your partner to join you. All sex toys and anal douche bottles should be cleansed after sex with a soft soap and water.