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How to Have Cyber Sex



Cyber sex has become the most popular way to have sex. Couples and singles are engaging in record numbers. From the guys that want to offer you a paid cam show to posts in message boards for a web buddy, we are sharing more than just bits and bytes.  

Why We Love It

Cyber Sex is very addicted. For men that live in remote areas, cyber sex is the ultimate way to hook up. You don't have to out yourself or drive long distances to look for a partner. Cyber sex is the safest form of sex allowing you to indulge without the danger of an std. For those men that don't have cameras and are using the old text chat, you can remain totally anonymous .So whether you're in a long-distance relationship or you enjoy engaging in sexual fantasy over the Net, cyber sex can offer you a somewhat fulfilling sex life.


Where You Can Find People

There are plenty of places where you can find eager brothers looking to get off. You can post your screen name in your profile if you use dating services like Adam4Adam.com . Craigslist offers you the opportunity to meet someone within minutes by posting in the Men seeking Men section. I found some great web hookups by posting in the blog section of Xtube.com . The formula is simple, where there are gay men meeting for dating or hookups, there is always the opportunity for some cyber lovin. Place your screen name on your profile and wait for the responses.


How You Do It

When it comes to cyber sex, you want to invest in a webcam that includes a headphone /microphone. I know your laptop comes with a webcam but the quality isn't the best. It is good to get an HD webcam that provides great resolution in low light. Plus to hear the person moan makes the experience that much better.  Once you have found someone who is interested, exchange screen names and send them an invitation to chat online.


Having the Right Goods

The boy scout rule always counts when it comes to Cyber Sex. It is best to be prepared with a good lubricant by the computer. I use JUS Premium Lubricant . It feels silky and doesn't dry up. This is perfect when you want to experience those extra long sessions. A dildo is perfect for cyber sex.Have your partner instruct you on how to pleasure it. He'll feel like he is in control. The Bulge Six Inch Natural Feel Dildo is a flexible tool that shows up great on camera and is the perfect size for beginners. Also wearing some boxers or sexy underwear can definitely enhance the experience. Remember that you are enjoying a visual encounter. Put your best food forward.


Things to Keep in Mind

Once you have finished getting your stroke on, don't immediately click the screen off. Be curteous and let the guy know that you are hitting the sheets. You want to have a second go around. And just to make sure that you get the memo. Be sure not to have any company at home when you are engaging in your session. No one wants to have someone bust in during that special moment. Enjoy your experience because after your first encounter, you won't look at your computer the same.  

We all love getting love down below. But some men don't get that much attention due to male genital odor. Funky balls is a real problem. If the odor radiating from your genitals is strong and foul, it can hinder your sex life. Luckily, there are some things you can do to combat this problem.


Take care of your personal hygiene 

 Shower at least once a day. Think about showering twice a day if you exercise a lot or are a particularly sweaty person. When you shower, always wash your genital area with a mild antibacterial soap. When you are done showering, thoroughly dry your genital area with a towel.

Too much moisture can cause bad odor and bacterial growth.


Wearing comfortable clothing

 Consider switching to different underwear. Try wearing light cotton underwear, especially while exercising. Spandex and synthetic underwear tend to restrict airflow in your genital area. Switch to loose pajama bottoms in order to allow airflow while you are sleeping. Males tend to sweat while they sleep, constricting pajamas might be what is causing your bad genital odor.


Make Your Junk Powder Fresh

Apply a powder to your underwear or male genital cream like Nice Nuggets to keep your balls fresh and dry. These products can help reduce bad odors during physical activity. Both baby powder and cornstarch can also help soak up some of the moisture in your genital area.Trim the pubic hair around your genital area. This will help to prevent excessive sweating. And an added benefit is that it also makes your package look better and longer.   


Dickz Pickz


Dickz Picks


JUS Premium Lubricant by Dick Ross