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How to Have An Erotic Staycaation


A staycation, a vacation you do at home, can be a wonderful alternative to an, expensive trip for a couple that is looking to add some spice to thier love life. Erotic Staycations have increased during the economic downturn. You can save significant time and money on travel while turning your home into the perfect romantic getaway. The following staycation strategies can assure that your sexy retreat is truly a relaxing yet erotic romp rather than a wasted weekend.


    Turn Off The Phone

    This sounds obvious, but the point of an erotic staycation is to get away from the demands of your regular life and create intimacy. To truly do so, you need to stop being ‘on call,’ and set your phone to go straight to voicemail. Tell your friends and family that you will not be available and out of town.


    Shut Off The Computer

    While many, many people make the mistake of taking work with them when they go on vacation, it’s even more important to avoid being available for work when you’re on a staycation. By turning on the computer, you run the risk of getting caught up in mundane web surfing that can take away from a wild and wonderful weekend.


Create Your Budget

Chances are, one big reason for planning a staycation rather than a vacation is that cash is short. Good news: You can take an erotic staycation for next to nothing.  Create a budget that allows you to have fun and keeps the time interesting. Here is where your Netflix subscription works to your advantage. You can add a number of movies to your que to have on hand. And while you are at it, make sure you have a few erotic toys , books and games to keep the fire burning. An evening of inexpensive red wine and pizza, when savored alone together by candlelight, can be very romantic kickoff to an all night session.  


    Try Something New

   Erotic staycations mean you can play in new ways. Give each other erotic massages using a pheromone Erotic Massage Candle. The Burning Desire Pheromone Soy Massage Candle has creates an oil that warms the skin and doesn't burn. You enjoy the illumination and massage pleasure. You can also pleasure your partner with a masturbator. The Jack Grip UR3 by Doc Johnson is ribbed inside and out for pleasure. It feels like real skin and heats up with friction. Your man will love the sensation. And since you are splurging, enjoy a sexual lubricant that feels silky , doesn't dry out and provides an amazing sensation. Wet Ectasy  will make your partner shake with its cool tingle.  Then during your recouperation time, read some erotic poetry or short stories to enhance the pleasure. You can always become a ‘hometown tourist,’ and enjoy the fun things that your city (or surrounding areas) have to offer, which you normally might go out of your way to experience. An added benefit of going to the touristy places in your area, is that when you pass by these places after your staycation is over, your fond memories will be triggered and you can relive the fun.


Create a Home Spa

It only takes very little to turn your home into an oasis. Use scented oils in a new fragrance to create an island paradise. Download some exotic music to play while you are sharing with your mate and add bubble bath to create a sensual soak that will transport you to a new place.


An erotic staycation is the ultimate getaway in town for couples that are looking to enjoy each other without spending money on hotels, flights and the hassle of traditional travel. Not only will you and your partner get closer, there will be memories created that will last a lifetime.