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How to Have a Sex Party


Figuring out how to have an orgy isnít the difficult part. Everyone loves sex. And when you organize a group of uninhibited people , who wouldnít want to get down and dirty? Setting up a party is simple. I have first hand experience. I own two lifestyle clubs, the Dallas Jacks and Anacondaz. Learn from my experience. The hardest part is getting it to run smoothly. It's time for me to help you make an event a hit.  



 You have to find a nice setting for the event. You canít cram 40 people into a one bedroom apartment. You want gues to feel relaxed and comfortable. A spacious suite that can easily handle the number of participants works. You don't have to engage in major cleaning when done, simply pick up the condoms and lube. Make sure you have enough space to freaky.



Some people need alcohol to get loose. A light drink with enough power to relax will do the trick. Be sure to have a decent supply of water. Nonstop sex can cause people to dehydrate. I always invest in Gatorade for my hardcore crowd.


The Rules

 You canít have a bunch of people tearing through your party. Make sure you have a defined set of rules. This covers conduct, disposing of personals and the location of play. Never assume that people know how to handle themselves in a party. I have seen many a guy get crazy once they were surrounded by naked bodies. A great host also reminds everyone of the rules before the action starts.


 The Guests

You canít have a sex party without the uninhibited people.  Make sure you invite those who are a great fit. Sure you would love to have a room full of muscle guys but you may be suprised when these guys don't want to attend. Having a great party is about keeping it real. If you are a chub, don't expect a room full of chasers. Find men that enjoy men that are your size. Keep your options open . I have seen too many parties die because the host wanted body boys. Donít invite chatty kathys.  They may be great for conversation but can kill the vibe once the action starts. Attitude should be checked at the door.


Now that you have your guideline for the party, you need some favors. Be sure to choose a sex lubricant that stays wet and doesn't dry out. JUS lube by Dick Ross lubricant is the new hit at the parties. A number of guests who were sensitive to some brands didn't have any reaction because its an all natural formula. Always provide some condoms. You want people to play in confidence. Remember your party is a time for fun. Keep these tips in mind and let yourself play.


Dickz Pickz

JUS Premium Lubricant by Dick Ross