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How to Remove Smegma


Head Cheese or smegma is one of the biggest turn offs when it comes to sex. Sure there are a few guys into the fetish but you could win the lottery before running into a man into it. Unfortunately smegma is responsible for the lack of love among uncut men. I have heard guys try to ask me if I was clean upon learning that I was uncircumsized. In reality, they wanted to know if they were going to encounter smegma. Let's take a look at what it is and show you how to get rid of it.


What Is Smegma ?

Smegma is a stinky, white cheese-like substance secreted from the sebaceous glands in the foreskin made up of dead skin cells and a few other bodily fluids. Smegma occurs naturally but can be eliminated by daily washing and cleansing of the penis.



Before you do anything, be sure to toss a little warm water on your genitals to loosen up the debris. Also, you’ll need to use soap or a mild body wash to get rid of smegma, Dove works best because its very gentle on your skin. Be sure to go scent free.



Pull back your foreskin to expose the flesh underneath. Since smegma collects on the underside of the foreskin, you need to retract it in order to cleanse your penis. Just pat the smegma with a little water and soap.



Gently rub the head to remove all traces of smegma. Scan your entire head and be sure to cleanse under the glans, this is a favorite hiding spot for smegma.



Once you’ve finished cleaning, be certain to dry yourself off before putting the foreskin back in place.

Moisture trapped under the skin will promote the growth of smegma.


It's Daily Work

Remaining uncircumcised requires some pretty minimal maintenance, so working this kind of cleansing into your typical bath or shower routine shouldn’t be a hassle.  When you are out on the town be sure to keep some intimate wipes in order to give your manhood a quick dry off after urination.  Baby Wipes are flushible so you can keep your intimate business private. You can also help reduce smegma by keep your crotch dry with Nice Nuggets genital freshner that is designed for men.



If you find you’re having trouble retracting your foreskin to expunge the smegma from it, you should speak with a doctor, this is a condition known as phimosis or paraphimosis, and they can offer a solution.