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How to Express Yourself for Sex


Getting what you want out of your sex life can be difficult . Not many of us are gifted communicators of sexual wants and desires. The following tips will help you express yourself more effectively. Nobody likes being criticized, particularly when it comes to bedroom performance, so keep it simple. If he does something you like, tell him. If he does something you don’t like, tell him what you do like. Expressing yourself in the bedroom is a simple case of repeatedly accentuating the positives and guiding him on the negatives.


Talking Dirty

 Initiating dirty talk in bed starts by observing your lover: Does he like to swear? How does he like to get it on? These factors will help you choose how to approach his ears with your voice, and express your inner dirty talker. Stick to sexy topics; leave other people out of it. You want to turn heim on, not make him laugh or piss him off, so choose your dirty-talk voice and give it a go by first testing the waters. If he gets more turned on, keep going.

Do talk about your fantasies, and do talk about what you are doing and how much you like it. They are easy topics you can’t really go wrong with, for example: “ I love how my dick is fucking you so deep/hard.” You get the picture.


Introducing kink

Fetishes, fantasies and kinky behavior are not always well accepted by some people, men included. Explaining a true fetish to someone you care about can be very difficult, as a true fetish is not just ”for fun”; it is part of an individual’s make up and not something one can just "get over.”

Kinky sex that involves such things as spanking, bondage and whips can be a great deal of fun, but observe the rules: permission is required, make sure there's no damage, and use safe words if required. If your partner is a newbie, use the Fetish Fantasy Mask and Ball Gag Kit. The simple mask can introduce him to your fetish while giving you what you want. As he becomes accustomed with play you can add the ball gag.



Role-playing can add a new dynamic to sexual relationships by allowing you both to adopt another persona for a few hours. There are some guidelines for those new to role-playing. Both of you should dress up because it’s not fair if he is the only one dressing up and doing all the work. Have fun! Getting into character is supposed to be hilarious and sexy, so do your best to have a great time. There are three role-plays that are innocent enough, and encourage sexual power plays:  Headmistress and pupil , Stripper and client or Boss and secretary.


Introducing Toys

Your partner may have never had an anal orgasm. Give him the experience of a lifetime. If you are having anal sex then using a prostate massager is not much of a stretch for him to experience. Always reassure him that you will stop if he ever feels uncomfortable. Masturbators are great to add to intimate play if your partner doesn't enjoy giving oral sex. Self-expression doesn’t get much more fun and fulfilling than when utilizing our sexuality. Expressing yourself can be difficult but with a little practice we can all get what we want in the bedroom without war being declared.