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How to Ejeculate More Semen


Have you been wondering how to ejaculate more semen? I am sure you have looked at videos of men cumming buckets and wondered how you could experience the same. When you ejaculate more semen, you will also experience longer, strong orgasms as a result. 


Examine your diet

If the body has a zinc deficiency, sperm counts could be lowered. Less semen would be produced and expelled in this instance. Some foods containing zinc are pumpkin seeds, beans, sunflower seeds, nuts and oysters. Also, eat more wheat, celery, turkey, lamb and red meat. Replace caffeinated coffee with herbal teas that don't contain caffeine.


Take vitamins

If you want to ejaculate more semen, note that vitamins C and E promote higher sperm counts. Vitamins containing selenium, L-lysine and L-Arginine can also be beneficial. Xplozion Pills contains these ingredients plus other time tested herbs like Yohimbe to increase your semen amount in one dose.


Drink plenty of water

Keep your body hydrated if you want to ejaculate more semen. Your semen is actually 98% water. Drink six to eight glasses of water on a daily basis. When your body is kept well-hydrated, there will be more than enough fluid to produce good amounts of semen.


Donít ejaculate each day

If you refrain from ejaculating for a day or two, your semen levels will build up, resulting in more fluid when you finally do ejaculate. This is a great way to ejaculate more semen.


Lose excess weight

Excess fat in males is converted to estrogen. This can lead to lower levels of testosterone and less semen volume. Extra weight in males also inhibits the production of the male sex hormone, testosterone, which regulates semen volume.


Exercise daily 

Testosterone levels increase during exercise, and this produces more semen 

These tips are designed to help you shoot like a porn star. But if you are in quick need of a boost, I suggest supplementation. You can see results in one dose and experience greater stamina in the process.