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How to Choose a Penis Pump


 Penis pumps are specialized sex toys designed to ehance penis size. They also help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction by allowing them to maintain an erection. The pump has a chamber that covers the penis and pumps out the air. A strong suction is then created which allows blood to flow into the penis creating the largest possible erection. After removing the pump, most users place a cock ring around the penis to sustain their increased size.


Pumps come in all shapes and attributes. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety. I wil who you how to find the pump that is right for you. My goal is to enable you to make a selection that is safe, reliable , dependable and highly rated by users.


Cylinder Matters

First, you should always use a penis pump that's built with a transparent cylinder. Cylinders that you can't see through won't let you keep an eye on your manhood as you use the product. Not being able to see what you are doing could cause you to inflate it to level that would harm your body. Discoloration is often one of the first sign. You need a transparent cylinder for safety.


Pressure is Important

You should browse different models to ensure that you select an item that has a pressure gauge. It is vitally important that you have an accurate idea how much pressure you're applying so you can keep your levels where they should be. If you apply too much pressure, you risk injury, but if you don't apply enough, you won't get the results you're after. There should also be a release valve that allows you to quickly eliminate the pressure.


Cost Counts

Penis pumps start around ten dollars but can quickly skyrocket upwards of two hundred dollars. Don't be fooled, just because it costs alot of money doesn't mean it works better. I suggest getting a product that in the middle range. You will get quality construction and great performance. Hand-operated products are recommended for beginners, since they allow you full control over the process, helping you minimize the risk of injury.


Rave Reviews

It doesn't pay to be the first to purchase a product. You have no information on the effectiveness therefore you must trust what the manufacturer tells you. When it comes to penis pumps, you have the advantage of customer reviews. Men who use penis pumps are very vocal about the devices they use. Many want others to have the same success. If they run across a bad product, they will inform others to ensure no one else has the same experience. For this reason, customer reivews are important to consider. At DickzToyz, the Enhance Travel Pump System has recieved the highest reviews from our customers. It is highly recommended for its comfort, ease of use and quality construction.


It's Time to Choose

Regardless to what pump you select, be sure to factor the cylinder, pressure gage, cost and customer approval into your decision making process. You will experience a harder erection that lasts longer. And your partner will be happier.