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How to Be a Better Kisser


Kissing should be hot. Kissing is the gateway to making a sexual connection. If a man kisses you, he will eventually desire to have sex with you. So if youíre a bad kisser, youíre screwed. Use these tips in order to change your ways.


Your Breath is Stank

Bad breath suggests that you have poor hygiene habits. No man wants to date a guy who canít take care of himself. And according to a study by evolutionary psychologist Dr. Gordon Gallup, funky breath can also signal that youíre in poor health.


The Fix

Besides the obvious, like brushing your teeth twice daily and seeing the dentist , there are things you can do when you know youíre going to get some wet mouth . Get hydrated. A shortage of fluids can lead to dry mouth, which causes bad breath. Bacteria can colonize on your tongue, gums and cheeks where they produce  a foul smell. Keep some mints handy to suck on while on the date to ensure you will be ready.


Don't Force It

Excessive tongue or sucking can be a huge turnoff. Shoving your tongue down his throat without any finesse just makes it seem like youíre trying to hard and have no experience.


The Fix

Slow down.  Kiss him softly and let the momentum build rather than trying to force the passion to take over immediately. Suck his tongue or lips like you are kissing a ripe strawberry.Caress his hair or face with your hands.  


No Motion in the Ocean

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some guys donít move their tongue at all. Putting your tongue in his mouth and then leaving it there doesn't enhance the moment or build the connection. There are some men that equate a bad kiss with a being bad in the sack.


The Fix

A little enthusiasm goes a long way. Donít be shy, get into it. Circle your tongue around his, suck on it lightly, and keep your lips soft and relaxed. Let yourself go and think about enjoying the experience, and your tongue will naturally do the work.


Slobbering like a St. Bernard

Excessive saliva is endearing in dogs but not in kissing. A little moisture is great, but it doesnít take much more before he feels like heís drowning. The male tendency toward too much saliva may be biological but it doesn't turn him on.

The Fix

While youíre kissing , be mindful of what youíre actually doing so you can keep your saliva in check. Try changing up the pace or pulling away briefly before going back for more. Or flick your tongue against his in between sucking to slow down the spit train.