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Honey Lube All Natural Water Based Lubricnt


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Make Your Honey Feel Sweet

Honey Lube is an all natural water based personal lubricant. Known for having the freshest most real/natural feeling, this new formula truly is sensational. Named the healthiest lubricant by the Mayo Clinic, our new formula is made solely for your health and pleasure. It is a one of a kind product packaged in the adorable, yet sexy honey bear.


What People Are Saying

" I have used many lubricants, but this formula is my favorite. This lubricant is very versatile, good for anal and vaginal use. Formula is not to watery like most lubricants and not too thick. Looks like honey lube has done it. Bottle is very cute, excellent for your girlfriend or wife this holiday season. "

" Simply the best, I loved the packaging at first which inclined me to buy, but after using the product I will never use anything else. Something about the formula is special, you forget your even using lube, it's just so natural. "