Herbal Viva Sex Booster                                     


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Herbal Viva Sex Booster


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The Energize Bunny in Bed

Herbal VIVA Super Sex Booster is an all new-and-improved formula to better help enhance your sexual experiences. It is designed for use specifically just prior to sexual activity with more Yohimbine and amino acids to rapidly supply vital nutrients that focus on activation of the nitric oxide pathways for vasodilatation. The latest data supports that L-Citrulline's creates a recycling and/or renewable source of L-Arginine via several enzymatic erectile pathways. The process is ultimately what provides one with the firmest erections and highest form of orgasms possible. Can also be used by Women who want to increase their sexual desire, sensitivity and energy.




" It is really super strength. Take this on a full stomach. "


How to Penis Enlargement Pills Work ?

Natural male enhancement pills work to improve blood flow to the penis. The leading brands also include natural herbs known to enhance sexual arousal and stamina. Researched herbs include Yohimbe and  Damiana. Arignine is an amino acid that increases blood flow. Used by body builders for years, this amino can help make your erections fuller and firmer. The result is a rock hard Dick !

Dick'z Toyz recommends that you consult your physician before using any product.