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Gun Oil Silicone Based Lubricant


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The First Four Star Lubricant

Gun Oil is the leader in premium sex lube for those that want to experience fine quality and be the envy of your friends. Let's face it not all lubes are the same and Gun Oil Silicone Based lubricant provides a velvety texture that adds more intense sexual pleasure than you would get from using a water based lubricant.   Gun Oil silicone based lubricant is by far one of the best sex lubes I have ever used.

Cutting Edge Science for Discriminating Clientel

Gun Oil Silicone based lubricant is formulated to high quality specifications. This unique, hypoallergenic silicone based lubricant will keep you well oiled and irratation free. Vitamin E and Aloe are added to moisturize while making sure you feel every sensation possible. The ultra concentrated formula is designed not to breakdown and is safe for condom use. This lubricant is gentle on your skin. There is no glycerin for added health benefits and is also flavor-free, scent-free and pigment-free for guaranteed satisfaction.

A little will last longer !

Tired of adding dose after dose of your traditional lubricant ? Well those days are over with Gun Oil. A little does last a long time with a small bottle being enough for at least one month of use. I have used a large bottle for over six months to great satisfaction.  I trust this brand and highly recommend that you purchase Gun Oil when you want to enjoy an intimate experience.


High Quality is Worth the Price

Gun Oil Silicone Based Lubricant does cost more than traditional lubes. Empowered Products uses a special blend of high grade dimethicone which gives it its luxurious feel. Try a bottle and you'll swear off cheaper products. Gun Oil will make you a believer.