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Girl Next Door Pocket Pal Review


There is something men have for the girl that isn't over the top. She's pretty but doesn't mind getting dirty. She watches basketball and enjoys a cold beer. She has a calm confidence that unarms you. You trust her with your secrets and know that it will never see the light of day. She isn't a beauty queen but she has that remarkable quality that propels her ahead of any pageant winner. She is the Girl Next Door. We all know one and secretly want to sleep with her. This unique mix of beauty and pleasure seems to be the inspiration behind the GND Pocket Pal by California Exotic Novelties. This girl comes in Ivory, Brown and Black each having  a unique design that represents the special qualities of the girl we know and love. Upon recieving the brown latina , I set aside time to spend with her. I knew it would be great but never thought she could pleasure me in such an intense way.


The Product

The Girl Next Door Pocket Pal comes in a box that has an accurate picture of the masturbator and displays the Pure Skin Material logo on the front. The side panel of the box has shows a side view picture of the GND giving you a preview of what you will experience. The back of the box gives descriptions of the product in several languages : Ultra Life Like pure skin material, soft - tight - and stretchy, body safe - unscented -phthalate free , easy  cleaning and maintenance free. The customer can rightly assume they will have a hassle free experience. The GND is placed inside a plastic bag. Upon opening the toy, the material is extremely soft to the touch. It has a swirling ribbed tunnel design in its interior which corresponds to the wave like hand grip on the outside. It does feel like the female body. The pocket pal measures 5.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter. There is a small hole at the bottom of the toy.


How it Works

To enjoy the Girl Next Door. Rinse the toy with warm water to clean and gently increase the temperature of the pocket pal. Apply your favorite water based lubricant in the opening with the goal of creating a smooth glide throughout the entire toy. Place another applicationof lubricant on yourself. Be sure to wipe off all excess from your hands. Hold the toy in your dominant hand and enter with your erect penis. Now masturbate as usual. You can increase the sensation by tightening your grip. If you are larger than 5.5 inches in length, your penis will slide through the hole in the bottom of the pocket pal.  Masturbate to completion. Rinse your pocket pal with warm water and place in a dark area. I applied baby powder to the toy to maintain the softness of the material.


My Experience

I was extremely excited to get my package from Calexotics. I had just sent them a wishlist of toys that I wanted to review but didn't think that someone in the office would give me exactly what I wanted that soon. To my suprise, there was the Girl Next Door Pocket Pal staring me in the face. I didn't know whether to use it or make a date out of it. Having the desire to enjoy it without interuption, I decided to make a date with my new girlfriend later that night. This would turn out to be one of the best decisions I've made.

I removed the pocket pal from the package and felt the ultra life like material. It was soft and stretchy. Sliding a finger in the vagina was amazing. It has this suction sensation that fit snugly around my finger. This was going to be an amazing night.

After taking a shower and searching through my porn collection for the right movie, I was ready to fuck my hispanic brown beauty. Since the toy felt so real, I decided to use Honey Lube because it  has a very silky application and feels like the natural lubrication of a woman. I squeezed a generous portion of the lubricant into my girlfriend's vagina ensuring that there was enough to saturate her. I applied more lubrication to my erect dick. I turned on my movie and began to enjoy the sensual sights and sounds. It was time to fuck my girlfriend. I slowly slide inside the warm vagina and felt a shiver through my body. The toy felt like the real thing. Closing my eyes in delight, I tightened my grip and began to stroke. It was extreme pleasure. I closed my eyes. She was giving me the ride of my life. I savored each inner ribbing that massaged me. Each push gave pleasure.

I knew I was about to explode so I increased my speed moving the Girlfriend Next Door up and down my shaft while squeezing as hard as I could. My latina beauty bounced on my dick and took control. I felt a surge of erotic energy rising from my balls. I began to shake , convulse and scream. My girlfriend had given me an intense orgasm. I lay there erect enjoying a moment of after glow. My breathing irregular and legs cramped. She worked me over. I wanted more. Without a second thought, I fucked my Girl Next Door until I came a second time. The intensity was off the charts. I was too tired to move so I closed my eyes and took a nap. Once recharged, I placed my pocket pal in water to soak and cleaned up. My girlfriend new how to please. I wondered where she had been all my life.


The Pros

The Girl Next Door Pocket Pal is one of the best toys that I have used. And I have a collection of over 20 masturbators ! It creates a life like sensations that feels just as good as the real thing but better since you can control the intensity. This is a result of the Pure Skin Material and the unique swirling tunnel design. Each stroke transported me to ectsasy. I used the GND at least five times before writing this review. And each orgasm was extremely intense. My hands could not compare to the pleasure of the toy. Every man should have the pleasure of using this pocket pal. Should you decide to purchase this toy, be prepared keep it by your  bedside because you will find yourself stroking and shaking. I kid you not.  


The Cons

It's hard to find areas of improvement on a toy that made you scream so loud that you know the neighbors heard you. But I would not be giving you a complete review without addressing some packaging flaws. The pocket pal didn't say  ' Brown ' on the box. I literally had to go to the website to verify which one I had since the color of the toy looked similar to the Ivory picture on the website. The box should be labeled to inform the customer and distinguish each toy. In addition, there should be a picture of the other versions to entice the customer to try all of them. Calexotics should place cleaning / storage instructions inside the box. This isn't the first time that I have recieved a toy that didn't give any information on how it should be used and maintained.  You can't assume that men who purchase your product have bought pocket pals in the past. I sell to newbies and always am questioned on this matter. A web link where they could obtain this information would suffice. A small packet of Calexotics branded lubricant would be a nice addition.


The Decision

If you are looking for a life like masturbation experience that will make your toes curl, then you need to purchase the Girl Next Door . The unique swirling sensation transported me to a new dimension of sensual pleasure. This isn't an overstatement. I have used the GND exclusively for masturbation since recieving it. It feels that good. The soft Pure Skin Material does warm up adding realism to your experience. I reccomend using this toy with Honey Lube because it will give you a very smooth glide that will make you forget you are not with a real woman. Your penis will thank you. The Girl Next Door has two other versions: Ivory and Black. Although the packaging could benefit from instructions and labeling, you quickly will overlook these minimal flaws to enjoy a dynamic masturbation sensation that will replace your hand. The Girl Next Door delivers !


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