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How to Get Your Man to Use Toys


For many gay men, sex toys in the bedroom can become a challenging subject. Asking your partner to incorporate toys into your sexual experience can be intimidating. You want to take your sex life to the next level but don't want to make him feel inadequate. There are small and simple ways to turn your bedroom into a playground.


What You Are Up Against

When men hear thier partner ask for toys, they usually assume it's because they're not big enough to fill the need. This isn't the case most of the time. Many partners want to use toys to pleasure the other person.  Even if he's down on the idea of using toys, avoid incorporating any objects that are bigger than he is. You want him to expand his horizons through graduated pleasure.


Start Small

If you're not sure how he would react to using toys, start with Lube. Get flavored lubricant to use while giving oral sex. If he enjoys the sensation, you can use Wet Synergy Lubricant during penetration. You'll both enjoy the cooling sensation that feels silky. He'll appreciate anal sex in a new way. If you want to heat things up, Wet Synergy comes in a warming formula that gently turns up the passion. Because lubricant is a mainstay during gay sex, he won't have hesitations using it in a new way.


Just Stroke It

Masturbation is his favorite activity. You can give him a new reason to rub one out with the addition of a masturbator. These toys provide intense stimulation that will give him a leg shaking orgasm. You can use one during foreplay or to give his big moment a bang. The Super Sucker 2.0 is designed with a ribbed tunnel and closed end, which makes for intensely pleasurable sucking sensations. Its ergonomic shape curves around the testicles where a 7 function bullet rests inside the UR3 cushion, delivering the perfect amount of vibration. He'll feel moan with delight. You will demonstrate how enjoyable toys can be.


A Little Anal Goes A Long Way  

A simple prostate massager can open the door to using a dildo. Prostate massagers stimulate the anus causing many men to experience anal orgasms. Because the device doesn't look like a penis, your man may be less defensive in using one. The Neon Prostate Stimulator  is cleverly curved to reach and massage the prostate gland. Let him work your body into a frenzy with the massager while caressing your chest. Once you have your moment, he'll want to do it again.


Using toys in the bedroom can be fun for him. By using these tips and you'll be regret not trying it sooner! Be sure to get a FREE consulation to find the perfect toy for your personal needs.