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Friends with Benefits: The Rules


The rules for friends with benefits are established for the convenience of both parties. In most cases, the idea that you are friends with benefits is not something you want the rest of your friends to know. Especially if the two of you are in other relationships. That is why it is good to establish ground rules as friends with benefits from the beginnings so that the two of you have an understanding of the situation.


Be Honest Up Front

 Never assume that you both know that you need to establish ground rules as friends with benefits. Some people harbor secret feelings about their friends that could turn the situation ugly in a hurry. Make sure that you both understand that it is a friends with benefits situation right from the start and that it will not be allowed to become more than that.


Give the Right Signals

  Friends with benefits can get out of hand quickly if one of the friends starts unknowingly making statements or gestures that indicate that the relationship should move to a new level. For example, buying your friend with benefits a very expensive gift for her birthday that a regular friend would not normally buy. To avoid having the friends with benefits escalating, make sure you are always careful to give the right signals.


Have an Exit Plan

 At some point, one of the friends in a friends with benefits relationship will come across someone that could be a legitimate partner. Part of the agreement between friends with benefits should be that if someone else comes along, the friend will respectfully back away and not interfere.


Have Realistic Expectations 

 What you have is a friendship that is mutually allowed to become physical from time to time. Do not start to think that it can become something more when it was agreed that it would not. Do not expect your friend with benefits to suddenly drop everything and move across the country with you because you got a new job. That is not what the arrangement is for.

Be Safe

You want your friend with benefits to be attachment free. Make sure you don't turn it into a long term engagement. Always use condoms with your partner. Although you have an agreement with them, you can't be sure who they are also loving. In addition, be sure to always keep your pipes clean to ensure smooth sailing.

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