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Four Ways to Be a Better Versatile Sex Partner


Variety is the spice of life and versatile brothers definitely have more fun. You are able to taste everything on the menu and never get bored. Having sex with a versatile partner can present a few challenges you may have not considered. We have created a list of suggestions that can help you have hotter sex while enjoying everything on the menu.


Let Your Partner Know What You Want

Realize that your partner may know you are versatile but have no clue what you are the mood for. Thier job isn't to be Ms. Cleo and guess how to please you. Tell your partner how you wish to be stimulated during intercourse. This will ensure both of you are on the same road to ectasy.


Don't Tease

You have let your partner know that you are looking to top. They are all on board. The slow jams are playing. The foreplay is hot with hands touching and groping. Then you do the unthinkable. You start giving all of the signs that you want to be fucked. You turn over , put your ass in the air and even tell your man to pop that ass. He's thinking you have had a change of heart. As he goes for the condom, you tell him that you are not trying to be fucked.  

Don't play games. If you are trying to smack the skins, then play that position and keep your dick up, not your booty. If you want your ass tasted , then communicate your desire before you start having sex. No one likes dramatic changes when it's time to get busy. Be responsilbe and stop teasing. That shit isn't funny !


Clean Up  

Being versatile does mean that you have twice the responsibility for being clean. There is no way around it. You must make sure that the ass is fresh and the dick is ready for action. It doesn't take a long time to get yourself ready . An enema is a great way to cleanse your colon of all excess before engaging in bottom sex. You can find the Fleet brand in every drug store. Should you desire to get maximum results, I suggest the Unisex Enema Douche system. It's reusable , easy to use and gets water further into your colon to cleanse 100% better than the small bottle.  

When it's your turn to top, you can't do without baby wipes. Use them before oral sex, after urnitating and during the sex act if your partner desires another taste before climax. Wet Ones is my favorite brand although it is advised to choose a brand that is flushable.


Be Prepared

The mark of a responsible partner is having what you need on hand in the moment. A small bottle of lubricant, baby wipes and condoms will give you the basic tools needed to get your party started. For those men that love rush, keep a bottle in your goody bag. Rush or aromas often allow men to relax fully during anal sex providing intense pleasure.