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Four Ways to Be a Better Top



Dick will make you slap somebody. It fills the need, makes you cream and can be as addictive as any street drug. Brothers who are tops know that the one resource that the gay community can't get enough of is dick. Although tops appear to be the king of the jungle, many are not handling thier business leaving bottoms frustrated. I have created this list of tips to encourage tops to step it up in order to entice your bottom to put you to sleep. For those brothers that find this list a confirmation, great. Should you see something that hits a nerve, view it as a suggestion that there is room for improvement.


It's not all about you 

If I had a dollar for every top that wanted to be serviced, I would be the richest brother in the world. It seems that many tops have been hit with a disease that affects thier mind to the point they feel that providing the dick is the only requirement for sexual fulfillment. They approach the bed like their King Solomon and demand you to serve. Note to tops: The satisfaction of your bottom should be a priority. A bottom that knows he is going to be taken care of will do what you want, when you want it and put an extra 100% to the cause.


Foreplay is not a Four Letter Word

Bottoms are like a flower that open up when you hit the right spots. Taking your time to enjoy the body of a bottom creates untold passion for you. It's more than licking the nipple and thinking that it's ok to go for the ass. Hold up dude ! Foreplay is the motivation that allows us to go the distance. If you want a piece of ass, buy a toy. If you want some bomb ass sex, tighten up your skills and learn how to get us wet.


Wash Yo Dick !

That shit isn't cute nor tasty. Funky dicks are the most unsexual thing we can uncover when it's time for us to fuck. It doesn't take hours for you to get some soap and water. If you are uncircumsized, clean the head. And while we are at it, do wipe your dick after every piss. Some of us are not into golden showers. I offer a simple solution, baby wipes. Keep a small travel pack with you at all times. When it's time to fuck, excuse yourself to the bathroom. Wipe your dick, balls and taint. Clean dicks are erotic.


Come Prepared  

Not all bottoms know about increasing sexual pleasure. Be the man to lead by having your own sex kit. Having a small bottle of quality lubricant,a  lube shooter sex applicator and some magnums will make sure the experience is one that will be memorable.  


We want to Please

Bottoms want you to leave the sex experience fulfilled. Make sure we are able to do our job by being on top of yours. The result can be earth shattering with mind blowing orgasms for both of us. Now that you know, what are you going to do? Step up so we can have our backs blown out.