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Four Ways to Be a Better Bottom


When it comes to gay sex, everyone has something that sets them ablaze. I love anal sex.  Digging into a bottom that relishes every thrust that I give turns me on. The feeling of my dick into his warm anus drives me wild. Recently, I have run across a string of bottoms that have left me less than satisfied. Searching to see if my experience was out of the ordinary, I found other men had experienced the same thing. If these ideas don't refer to you, then you are one hot bottom that knows how to enjoy themselves immensely. Should you find yourself the accused, consider a few of these suggestions before your next encounter.


Communicate with Your Top  

We don't how you like it, what works and what doesn't. It is your responsibility to give us some instruction on your favorite position, how big you can take it and how long we can play. It's true. Some men are not able to enjoy well endowed tops. By letting us know how to give you the most pleasure, we can work to satisfy.  


Don't Nag while we're Fucking

This is a direct result of the previous suggestion. Nagging kills an erection faster than seeing Whoopi Goldberg naked....Yikes ! Your desire to orchestrate the entire production doesn't make us want to put our best effort forward. Tell us what you like , then shut the fuck up ( or moan in delight). But nonstop bitching doesn't add one cent to your satisfaction.  


Clean Your Ass

This has to be one of the biggest turn offs. You know we are meeting to have a great time. This gives you an opportunity to wear us out. Be sure to clean deep. This may mean several uses of an enema or a system ( like the one below) that will make your insides clean and fresh.  


Lube it up Deep

Now I do realize that many bottoms are surface lubers but you can get the lube much deeper than how far your finger goes. The Lube Shooter is one product that gets the lube very far inside. This enables you to enjoy the experience without having to re-apply. If you don't have this product, then simply put some lube in an enema bottle and squirt it in you. Or you can use a higher quality lubricant like White Tiger Silicone Lubricant before insertion. Each method will produce great results.

It's all about your Pleasure  

A great top wants you to have the best experience possible. By following these few steps, you set the stage for more intimacy,

intense orgasms and hours of fun.  


Dickz Pickz

White Tiger Silicone Lubricant