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Four Sex Games to Play When Bored


Sex games are great way to not only improve your sex life and intimacy but to cure a common issue mostly all couples face: Boredom. Adding  games can be an excellent way to build intimacy, have fun and break up the monotony. Here are four that you and your partner will enjoy.


Let's Meet

If you have ever had a one night stand you know the excitement that comes with meeting a new person. The sexual tension between the two of you can be a powerful aphrodisiac. If youíre looking for great sex game,  meeting for the first time can help you live out a fantasy.


Pick a local bar that where you can meet. Have your partner dress-up and meet at a specific time.  Try to pick up your partner and take him back to your place. Reenacting this one night stand scenario is an excellent way to live out fantasies that you have never explored before.


 Power Control

Power control is a great game for couples who like to mix up the dominance in the bedroom. Determine which partner is going to be dominant first. Allow them to have five minutes of total control. Once the time has expired, the dominance will shift to the other partner. If you or your partner has an affinity for being the dominant or the submissive one in the bedroom, you will definitely find that this game will bring you out of your comfort zone.



The blindfold was made for sex. In this game, you or your partner will be blindfolded on the bed. They have to keep the blindfold on the entire time. The other partner must tease and caress their partner while the other doesnít know what to expect next. This is a great game that you can play with each other and it incorporates trust and intimacy into the relationship. One of the features of this game is that it relies on the element of surprise and anticipation. The only rule to the game is that you canít peek. The Fetish Fantasy Satin Love Mask softly covers their eyes and stays comfortably in place with an elastic fabric strap.


What's in the Box

Let's make a deal is one of the most popular television game shows of all time. It mixes anticipation , excitement and decision making in a unique blend that entertains. You can create your own mini deal by playing ' What's in the Box ' . Take two sexual products and place them in different boxes. Your partner has to choose a box. Whatever is chosen will be used to pleasure them to orgasm. The Mood Pleaser Frost Masturbation toy is perfect. It has a life like feel and internal beads that create an ultra realistic experience. Placing a massage oil in the other box will make your touch turn him on.