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     Foreplay for Men


When you are hot and ready to go, take some time to try tecniques that enhance foreplay for men to make the experience go from pleasing to mind blowing.


What You See 

First, ask your man to take off his clothes and stare at him naked. Men get off on visual cues. Have him do a slow striptease, while you sit back and enjoy the moment. Watching his body and not touching it will drive you crazy.


 A Sensual massage

 A massage with warming oil will make you twitch with pleasure. Fill your palms with oil and rub them all over his chest and thighs, trace his nipples and stroke his butt. The hands only interacting will make you crave for more than that.ONO Jojoba Massage Oils not only excite but also moisturize to leave the skin tantalizingly soft and sensually scent.


It's O Time

Don't be afraid to ask him to use his tongue: Oral sex is one of the most satisfying experiences. Get him to use his tongue over your chest and neck. Take it to the next level with full body fellatio. It is a sensual compromise that will get you ready for sex. Want to stimulate him without using your mouth? Use the Jack Grip UR3 Masturbator to create new sensations he will have never expected.



Grind with your garments on. Wear silk boxers for a feeling undescribale. It will tease you as well and push both of you to the edge of bliss. Take time to get ready and the end result will leave you both sweaty and satisfied.