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Five Ways to Avoid Sexual Boredom

Five Ways to Avoid Sexual Boredom


You love having sex but sometimes plateaus set in. There are ways to keep your man excited when it comes to having sex.

Here are five ways to avoid sexual boredom and give your sex life some kick.


Change Positions

Men are creatures of habit. If something feels good, we are not inclined to change things up. Taking this attitude in the bedroom is a sure fire way to boredom. Trying new positions will bring a new dynamic to your relationship. It will allow you to experience a new sensation and add some fun back into the act. Before you decide to hang your man upside down by his ankles, be sure that you let him know what you are planning to do. If you need some new techniques, purchasing a deck of sexual position cards like the Gay Sex Card Game , can give you over 50 different ways to spice things up.


Change Foreplay

Too many couples start their sex play the same way -- all the time. You both lie in bed, you start your usual routine, he does his and then you have sex. I get bored thinking about it. Let's add some suprise to the mix.


Foreplay can involve anything from sexual conversation to dancing. You can give him an erotic massage or a sensual bath. There are no rules to foreplay when the goal is to avoid sexual boredom. But leave the porn videos out of the bedroom. Try a new way to get him in the mood.


Alter the Ambiance

Don't be afraid to have sex in different locations. If you don't enjoy having sex outdoors or in strange locations, at least opt to have sex in different rooms of your home. The dining room table is good for eating anything. Or what about a romp in the closet ? The close space and darkness will add a naughty element. Lighting can also add an amazing enhancment. From candles to red and blue lights ,colors can enhance your appearance and may even be conducive to living out some fantasies.


Share Your Fantasy

The best way to avoid sexual boredom is by tackling the subject of sex with your man. You may discover that his private fantasy is one that you share. Imagine the excitement of doing something you have only dreamed of. Listening to Erotica can give you both new ideas that can become real life experiences.


Incorporate props

While music, lighting and different locations can add a different spin to sex, using sex toys can also help ease him into orgasm and allow you to explore each others' bodies in different ways.


Prostate massagers can allow him to have his first anal orgasm. It is the perfect introduction for beginners, yet offers thrills that even experienced users will love. Want to give him a gift you both can enjoy and he can use when you are not around ? Then experience the ultimate vibration with the Super Sucker 2.0 Masturbation Toy. If feels like a real mouth and has an inner ridges to massage every inch of your body.


Keep It Interesting

There are plenty of ways to ensure that a long-term sexual relationship doesn't translate into something commonplace. Creativity and spontaneity are your allies when it comes to sex, so use them wisely.