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Five Condom Masturbation Tips


We all go through those times where your sexual stimulation is well, in your hands. For those men that love a no mess experience, we have a list of tips that make use of a condom & Spunk Lube. When masturbating with a condom, thin is in. And if you want the ultimate sensation, use condoms for your next session.


   Polish the knob

  Gripping the base of your penis with one hand, use the other hand to stroke the hood of your head. The condom will desensitize your penis temporarily but eventually you'll feel an intense stimulation.


Spank the monkey

 Everyone has the hand that they feel more comfortable pleasuring themselves with. How about you switch it up? Use the other hand. The lubrication of the condom should get you used to using that alternate source of pleasure.


   Choke the chicken

 Try adding extra lubrication to the condom. Get some of that extra pleasure stuff. Put a little in the condom before you put it on. You've seen the commercials right? The people are overly satisfied. You owe it to yourself to try it. What is there to lose, except a mediocre tug job.


 Work the worm

 Definitely try this condom masturbating tip. This technique actually works very well without the condom, but the condom can enhance the feeling. Add some of that sensitizing gel. Take one hand and rotate it around your shaft in one direction. Take your other hand and rotate in the opposite direction around the base of your shaft, and get ready to explode.


   Silence the snake

 This condom masturbating tip is the cousin of "working the worm". Jerk your pole up and down with one hand, while rotating the other around the base. Or, switch it up. Rotate the your hand over the top half of your penis, while jerking in an up and down motion on the bottom of your shaft. It should lead to a very pleasurable outcome.


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