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Elbow Grease Cream Hot Sex Lubricant


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Raw Hot Pleasure

Enjoy silky pleasure that heats up to add more fire to your sex life. Elbow Grease Cream Hot is an oil based lubricant that warms up when used . This is designed for raw play. Whether masturbation or intercourse, you can't get any slicker than this. The cream is silky to the touch and provides a sensual glide. This product can not be used with condoms or latex of any sort. For those who love it raw, you will get the most intense sensation when using elbow grease.


What are Oil Based Sex Lubricants ?

These are a class of lubricants designed for hardcore sexual adventure. They are  made with high quality oils that provide a very silky feel during intercourse. Use these lubricants with caution since they will stain your sheets and are hard to wash out. Always prepare the area for sex with plenty of towels to soak up any spills and enjoy deep passion.