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Ejaculation Tips for Men


Women are lucky in that they can have an orgasm  pretty much anywhere and not have to worry about leaving behind any telltale substances. Men, on the other hand, know that the end result of their pleasure includes a mess to clean up. This means that you should have an ejaculation etiquette plan that includes where it goes, where it doesnít go, how itís cleaned up, and how itís disposed of. Much of this is dependent on your partnerís likes and dislikes, so make sure to get an idea of where they draw the line when it comes to your climactic fluids.


The Deep Deposit

If youíre having sex without a condom (which should only be done if youíre confident you wonít get an STI), youíll likely end up finishing inside. Make sure to get permission first. This option lifts most of the cleanup responsibility off of you since your ejaculate is now literally up in them. They will likely go to the bathroom and clean up there.  

Etiquette reminder

Always have an douche system at your place so they get funky fresh after enjoying your jizz.  

Don't ever tell them that you wonít ejaculate inside and then do it anyway


In a Condom

When using protection, the condom should be removed immediately after you ejaculate, before you lose your erection. This will prevent any sperm from escaping and slopping all over or the bed. Tie the end off so nothing leaks out and place it in the garbage -- not the toilet or the floor.

Etiquette reminder

Donít ask them to take the used condom off for you. Thatís your responsibility.


Swallow My Babies

The ejaculation etiquette involved in oral sex is a little more complex. First of all, you have to determine whether or not they want to swallow. Once this is established, itís nice to give a heads up so they can either prepare to swallow and avoid gagging. You donít have to make a big announcement of it. A simple, ďItís time,Ē would do, or you could agree on a subtler signal that youíre about to erupt.

Etiquette reminder

 Donít hold thier head so they have no choice but to swallow. Thatís a good way to never get a blow job again.


My Morning Facial  

Coming on the face is a tricky issue. Some really get off on the idea, but plenty of others think itís disgusting, and some even find it degrading. So, itís essential that you get permission before you shoot anywhere near the face.

Etiquette reminder

 Do not get any in the eyes. Red eye is embarrassing as hell.


Not producing enough cum ?

There are some simple solutions that can give you the porn star shoot. Xplozion is an ejaculation enhancer that allows you to produce more cum per shot. It is an all natural formula that works. Added benefits include shorter recovery and the ability to go longer each time.


Jizz not to tasty ?

Sweeten up your load with an ejaculate sweetner. Sweeten 69 has pineapple , bee pollen and other herbs that sweeten your spunk. It makes tasting the pipe palatable and will leave your partner with a good taste in their mouth. If you follow these ejaculation tips, you can avoid plenty of awkward and potentially gross post-sex cleanup routines. Youíll also have a better chance of keeping your partner happy, which means youíll have more opportunities to practice your etiquette rules in the future.  


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