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Easy Tips for Using Penis Pumps


The penis pump is one of the best selling sex toys for men. Though not discussed as much as masturbation toys, penis pumps are one of the few devices that is reccomended by the medical profession. A penis pump is a cylindrical device that goes over the shaft and creates suction similar to a vacuum cleaner. This device can help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or who want to create more girth. It is important to always practice safety. While the toy does produce results, there are side effects. They include numbness, bruising and delayed ejaculation. It may sound scary but these don't have to happen when you use these tips. If you are new to using a penis pump, the Pipedream Potent Developer Pump is a highly reviewed product made for newbies. It contains a quick release valve for easy removal which is a great safety feature.

Low and Slow

Start out with a low amount of pressure and get your penis accustomed to the device. Eventually you can add more pressure, but only in small increments.

Use Lube

Apply a liberal amount of JUS Lube by Dick Ross lubrication. It provides a good seal between your penis and the penis pump.

Size Matters

Find a size that fits. Using a device that is too big can cause your penis to get sucked into the pump. Beginner devices are the best choice. Once you have experience its great to move to a more advanced product.  

Dick Check

Always examine your penis to make sure there is no discoloration. If there is, discontinue use.

How Does it Feel

Is there any pain? If pain is present you should push the release valve immediately.

Buzz Your Bush

Trim your pubic hair. This will keep it from causing openings in the seal of the pump that reduce its effectiveness.

Perfect 10

Ten minutes is all the time you need to use your penis pump. Injury can result if you use the device for too many minutes.

Mr. Clean

Always clean your device properly to avoid an infection from using an unsterilized penis pump.


Penis pumps cause more blood to flow into the penis, which is useful for men that want to increase their girth or who have erectile dysfunction. Always remember to be careful , relax and follow these tips for a great experience.