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Double Pumped Steel Dual Stroker


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The Ultimate Four Star Experience

Increase your work out and make it Double Pumped. Double Pumped is a double-ended masturbation sleeve with the option to work into the mouth or the pussy. Its dumbbell shape makes it convenient to balance out which end you would prefer. Unscrew the appropriate side to enjoy . Use the dumbbell handle to guide your movements for your tailored pleasure workout. Continue having a Double Pumped exercise by cleaning your dumbbell after every use. Let dry in a cool place. Flex and pump away at pleasure. Work out those desires. Get Double Pumped.


A Price Worth Paying

We all know that the Fleshlight is the standard masturbator. It is a great toy that has provided pleasure to many men. But it has one caveat : The Price ! Spending 70 - 100 for a toy that you have no idea will deliver is a Big Gamble. The Double Pumped Steel has twice the pleasure because it's 2 toys in one for less than half the cost !