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Do Pheromones Really Work  


If you have ever read the back of popular Men's Magazines, you have seen ads for pheromones that claim they can help tilt the odds in your favor with thier scent that can help turn people on.  Pheromones are a substance that is released to trigger a response from a potential mate. It is said that the pheromones are expelled in two stages. First is a releaser pheromone that quickly changes behavior and is fast acting. Then the primer pheromone is released. It is a slow acting pheromone that delays the behavioral and physical responses.

What this means is that there are chemicals in nature that can act as an attractor. These chemicals are what the cologne industry is based on. Ever wonder why certain fragrances turn you on more than others? Pheromones work at a deeper level with mostly any fragrance they are added to. There are also several products on the market that contain pheromones.

Although there are some that swear by them and others that are skeptical, a few companies have used them successfully in candles and cologne.These perfumes and colognes are said to mimic the effects of the nature pheromones released by the body to attract mates. 

" We use pharmaceutical grade pheromones and test them extensively. Our customers love our sprays which have been a popular product ever since we released them. They trigger a rush of attraction, creating a strong emotional and sensual response. " in a statement by System JO . The best way to test if the pheromone colognes work for men is to try them out. Encounter the same person one day with your regular scent then return with the pheromone cologne and see what happens. Although one test alone won’t be a subjective answer to the question it will give you some insight into searching for your own answers. .  

And when going out on the town, you need ever extra edge to gain the person of your attractions.


Dickz Pickz

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