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Compact Prostate Massager by Dr. Joel Kaplan Review


Anal sex is no longer taboo for men. Gay men have enjoyed this form of sexual exploration for millenia but our hetero brothers have begun to desire new ways to heighten sex. Pegging is becoming mainstream and the search for the Male G Spot has motivated men to purchase prostate massagers that promise to stimulate the male sweet spot every time. With more men looking to be stimulated, a toy needed to be introduced to the market made for newbies. The Dr. Joel Kaplan Compact Prostate Massager looks to give men their first taste of anal pleasure. Being small and discreet, piqued my curiosity to determine if this toy was truly the answer to the question facing the curious.


The Product

The Compact Prostate Massager comes in a see through clear package clearly made for display. The toy is located on the front with a picture of Dr. Joel Kaplan on the top right corner. ' Water Proof ' and ' Compact Travel Size ' are written on the bottom of the packaging. One the back of the package is a diagram that displays the features of the EZ Push Button, EZ Glide andhas information about the toy. The package also contains a paper that gives information on installing the battery. The massager measures 3 inches long and 1 inch in width making it the right size to massager your prostate. Be sure to have two AAA batteries on hand. The Compact Prostate Massager doesn't come with them. You will need to place them in the top of the toy to use the vibration feature although they are not needed to enjoy manual play.


How it Works

To rock your P Spot with the Compact Prostate Massager, it is best to cleanse the product first. Make sure you have a comfortable surface to lie on. I have found that using a pillow to support your back side does help with insertion. Use a quality lubricant like Spunk Lube to lubricate the outside of the anus. If you are a newbie, I suggest getting a lube shooter to insertlubricant into the anal canal. This will allow you to have the easiest entry possible. Lube your prostate massager. Slowly insert the curved in slowly. Take a deep breath and observe the feeling. The curved part of the massager should be facing towards your stomach. Once you get adjusted to the feeling, press the button to enjoy the vibration sensation. Enjoy sexual expression until release. Remove the prostate massager and cleanse.


My Experience

I didn't know how I would enjoy this toy since receiving it was a huge suprise. The toy was very attractive. I love the chrome like look on the handle and that it was very small. I can't tell you how many times that I have seen anal toys that made you decide not to purchase them because they were too big to insert. The Compact Prostate Massager would be the star of the showtonight. Since I didn't have my buddy around to play with, I decided to make this a dual night of pleasure and call my girlfriend over. I am talking about the Girl Next Door Pocket Pal.


I made sure that I took a warm and relaxing bath to get ready for my anal experiment. I used an anal douche to ensure I was clean, found an adult video that made my body rise to the occasion and grabbed my Girl Next Door. Now it was time to enjoy my Compact Prostate Massager.


Now in the mood, I lubed up my back side. I gave the prostate massager a very good coating of  Spunk Lube . I held my breath thinking the insertion would be a little stressing but it slide in sensation free. I pushed the toy a little further inside to make sure it was in. As I became more aroused by the movie, I could feel my prostate pulsating. The massager was definitely where I needed it. I took out my Girl Next Door Pocket Pal and lubed her up. With an adult movie play, my girlfriend giving me her warm delight and the Compact Prostate Massager teasing my sweet spot, I began to feel pleasure in a new way. This was an amazing feeling. I reached down and pressed the button on the massager to add the vibration and everything began to click sexually.


I began to clinch my anal muscles as I neared orgasm. The massager was making me moan. I knew I was at the point of no return. I began to stroke like a wild man and felt my body quake. My orgasm had both of my legs shaking. This was intense. I could feel my prostate pulsing as I enjoyed a feeling of euphoria. I couldn't move. I sat there in a moment of afterglow. Once I came back to earth, I removed the compact prostate massager and cleaned up. I rocked my p spot. This wouldn't be my last time using this toy.


The Pros

I must say that the easy insertion has to be the easiest of any anal toy that I have tried. I really couldn't believe that I didn't need any specialized lubricant to get the toy inside. I used Spunk Lube and when I slipped the toy in, there was no fuss. I believe that this is the result of the small design that has a diameter about the size of a a finger. With the toy only being a few inches long, I was able to have it all inside me without having the feeling that I am not doing ti correctly. The toy stayed in placed and didn't move around. This was an added benefit since some anal toys aren't made to remain where they are put. The size of this toy makes it ideal for travel. You can store this in your suitcase and no one would know you had it there. The design is very sleek which adds in its overall perception.


The Challenges 

The Compact Prostate Massager only has one vibration sensation. This could be a drawback to a more experienced person that has purchased other Calexotics anal products since they are used to the escalations, pulsations and vibrations offered on other models. I do understand the thought process behind this. If you are new to anal play, do you really want to have 10 differentvibrations ? Not at all. A link to a video showing men how to use the toy would be a welcome improvement since it is aimed at newbies. As I have always stated, you can't expect people to know how to use toys. Men need visual instruction.


The Decision

The Dr. Joel Compact Prostate Massager is a great toy for men looking to experience prostate stimulation for the first time. It is very small, light weight and easy to insert. You won't have to wonder if you are doing it right because if the insertion end is facing your stomach, you are right there. Although there is only one vibration setting, newbies can have hours of pleasure using this toy in conjuction with masturbation , foreplay and intercourse. I do believe this toy would be perfect for couples looking to take sex in a new direction. It won't make the man feel uncomfortable because of its size. Once again, Calexotics have made a winner that men will want to have.


Compact Prostate Massager