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Common Dick Sucking Mistakes



A great blowjob is an erotic technique that you can use to make any man melt. You can really set the tone of a sexual encounter by the manner in which you give one. It can be an amazing form of Foreplay. But is it possible that youíre making fatal flaws without even knowing it? Read on to see if youíre committing any of these blowjob blunders.


Youíre Teeth Were Not Made for Sucking

Rather than moans of pleasure, he may be in pain. If you think youíre doing him a favor by giving him extra stimulation, think again. A brothers worst fear is having his dick bite during oral sex. Now I do admit there are a few dudes that like it rough.  

You can give him the sensation of a firm grip by using your lips. This is the preferred method to satisfy that urge. Donít assume that he likes it rough during oral sex unless heís made it explicitly clear. Even then, give your man a warm up before you carry on to rougher play.


Your Blow is Boring 

One of the keys to toe curling head is to add new techniques on a regular basis so he doesn't know what to expect. Here are some ideas...Vary the sensation by using your mouth, tongue, lips, fingers and hands individually or in combinations.  Men are visual creatures, so why not give him a show he wonít forget? This includes touching yourself while you are cleaning his pole.  Vary the speed and intensity of your head game. Hard and fast, slow ní hard, fast and light Ö you get the idea. Rubbing your lips up and down his shaft while holding his balls in your hand. You can also smack his dick against your face.


You Donít Ask for Feedback 

Don't assume that a giving head in and of itself feels good to your partner. When it comes to Oral Sex, it makes the situation so much easier when you ask you sexual partner how they like it.Men will tell you if they want it slow and sloppy or for you to spit on it. This will allow him to get it exactly as he likes it and you enjoy the brownie points of keeping him coming back for more.


You Don't Love the Dick

It is your duty to love the dick. I wish everyone felt this way but many do not. Some feel like itís a chore. Whatever the case may be, a blowjob laced with resentment doesnít bode well for either party. Although fellatio requires some skill, it also involves having the right frame of mind; if youíre just going through the motions, thereís a good chance heíll notice. Try sucking dick with a flavored lubricant such as the ones listed bewlow. It will transform the taste to something sweet that will keewp you on your knees longer.  Then you can use a blowjob as a lead-in to intercourse or as a little teaser that tempts your sexual partner into taking you right then and there.  


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