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COLT Gear Travel Shower Shot Dildo Review


Sex is better when its clean. This is especially true for Anal sex. There is a common saying in the community that you should ‘ Fleet Before You Meet ‘. Another way of saying that you should use an anal douche before engaging in back door play. It is an easy reminder that accidents can spoil the mood. While anal cleaning isn’t a very popular topic of discussion, it is something that all men should be familiar with. Calexotics has offered the COLT Gear Travel Shower Shot as a hassle free way to stay clean. It is designed to be a road companion that can go anywhere you do. With two non traditional bulbs it offers new sensations during deep cleaning. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.


The Product

The COLT Travel Shower Shot comes in an attractive box. There is a picture of the product displayed on the front with the words ‘ Travel Shower Shot ‘ , ‘ COLT Gear ‘, and the Calexotics Logo. The back of the package has pictures of the anal douche with all of its parts. The ‘ Cross Compatible with Advanced Shower Shot Pleasure Systems ‘ logo is also on the back of the package. The side panel has its features listed in five different languages. The COLT Gear Travel Shower Shot bulb is soft to the touch. Both attachments are made of the same soft material. One attachment is curved similar to a prostate massager and the other is shaped similar to an anal bead.


How it Works

To use, choose which attachment you prefer. Fill the bulb with warm water. Attach the attachment tip to the bulb. Apply a water based lubricant to the tip of the attachment. Place your lubricant on your anus. Gently slide the tip inside your anus alternating with deep breathes. Slip the tip further inside according to your comfort level. Squeeze the bottle to release the fluid. Remove the Travel Shower Shot. Release the water from your body. You can repeat this process twice if necessary. Sanitize your douche with soft soap or toy cleaner. Should the water leak when using, you can place the water gasket ring on the bulb to secure.


My Experience

When you have an anal douche that does its job, you really aren’t excited to try something new. I have to be honest that my Calexotics COLT Anal douche has been my steady travel companion. It’s quick and easy to use. When the Travel Shower Shot arrived in the mail, I knew this would be a different experience. This product had two unconventional tips. The attachment tip that got my attention was the one that was shaped like a prostate massager. The other tip resembled an anal bead.

I opened the package to find that both the tips and the bulbs were very soft to the touch. Although the tips were larger than normal, I could possibly use this without discomfort. Knowing that it was time for a good cleaning, it was time to use the Travel Shower Shot. I soaked it in warm water with soft soap to cleanse. I applied a generous amount of JUS Lube further down the tip and also place more on my body. Now it was time for the moment of truth.

I decided to lay down on my side. I took a deep breath and slowly placed the edge of the tip in my body. This was larger than I was used to. After a few moments, I slid a larger portion of the tip inside my body. After taking time to rest. I made my first squeeze. I felt the water fill my body. I was becoming aroused. The curve in the toy was teasing my prostate at the same time. After releasing the water from my body, I gave myself a few more bottles to enjoy the experience. I know it sounds weird but I was turned on. This was exactly what my friends loved about anal douche play. I wasn’t prepared to go any further. I was clean and feeling good. The Travel Shower Shot had done its job. Now it was time to find someone to release my stress.



The COLT Travel Shower Shot  is very easy to use. Both of the attachment tips and the bulb are soft. This feature works great for anyone that doesn’t have a strong grip. Both of the attachments are soft . This feature will ensure that you will not injure yourself while using. The material used in this product will last for years. The Travel Shower Shot is small enough to store in your gym bag or suitcase if you enjoy life on the go. I would also suggest keeping all of the parts in a bag since people are inclined to loose any device that has several parts. The use of silicone in the design gives this toy a very long shelf life. With this toy being compatible with the other shower shot products, you have more attachment tips to use.



The Travel Shower Shot does have one drawback. It doesn’t come with a standard straight attachment tip you would find on any anal douche. The two tips that come with the toy are large. Due to its size, this anal douche would work great for men into douche play and advanced users. I know men who prefer a larger tip and they would enjoy this product. I do feel that this product would benefit from instructions and a sample of Calexotics Universal Lube in the box. This would allow the customer to have an optimal experience because he would know how to use the product safely. You can never assume that a customer knows how to use any anal device properly.


The Decision

The COLT Gear Travel Shower shot provides a deep anal cleaning with soft attachments that do allow for a comfortable experience. With the system being cross compatible with other products, you have additional tips to use for cleaning. The toy is made to last for years and is very easy to clean. This toy would be perfect for newbies if it had a traditional straight tip that the majority of men use for cleaning. This toy is definitely made for men with experience. The man who loves a variety of tips will have hours of enjoyment. The Anal Douche by Calexotics offers an alternative if the tip is too big. I do recommend the Travel Shower Shot for advanced cleaning and douche play.


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