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How to Choose the Right Lube


Lube is essential for essential for almost all sexual activities for men. Our bodies don't naturally produce it when having intercourse so its something that makes the experience etter. Even for Jacks, men into masturbation only, the decision to purchase sex lube is an important one. With hundreds on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one. Let's take some time to look at your options and make the process easy.


What's in this ?

The “base” of the lubricant determines how they can be used – silicone lube, for example, can’t be used with silicone toys; oil-based lubricant is not safe for use with condoms; some men are incredibly sensitive and will only be able to use lubes that are based on natural, organic ingredients.


Oil & Water

Oil based lubricants are great, especially natural ones, because the body just soaks them up and gets silky smooth. Most oil-based lubricants, unless otherwise labeled, are not condom safe. Men usually use oil based lubricants for raw sex and massage. Be advised that these lubricants stain sheets so you will have to use a dark colored material.


Water based lubricants are the best all-around choice. Not only are they safe for condoms, but with silicone and other toys as well. They are also easy to wash out of sheets and clothing. They do tend to evaporate quickly, if you don't choose a high quality brand. JUS Premium Lubricant by Dick Ross feels silky to the touch and doesn't dry out. It has vitamin e and aloe.



Silicone-based lubricants are smooth like silk and great for long lasting play, but are no good when using silicone toys and not great for oral sex. Silicone may not taste very good, but you only need a touch and it will last for hours. It is safe to use with condoms, so if you do have silicone toys, you can protect them with a latex condom or glove. If you are planning to try a bit of back door play, silcone is the perfect choice. ID Velvet is a customer top pick that has premium ingredients while moisturizing the skin. ID Velvet is great for sex in water !


Au Natural

If your partner is particularly concerned about  what kind of lube he uses, or if he happens to be sensitive to irritating ingredients in most popular lubes, you should take advantage of the growing array of natural and organic products for the conscientious buyer. Honey Lube is an award winning product that feels like real human lubrication. It has a pleasant scent and lasts.


Dickz Pickz

JUS Premium Lubricant by Dick Ross