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Buzz Your Bush, Shaving Your Pubic Hair



Some brothers love nappy nuts. If you fall into this category, this article is NOT for you. I believe shaving and trimming your bush should be the rule if you want your man going south of the border for a visit. Not only is shaving great for oral sex; it can also make your genitals appear larger and more attractive. And let's face it, most guys don't like flossing after going downtown.

 If you are new to the thought, I suggest starting out by trimming the first few times, then moving on to shaving part or all of your pubic area. If you have a partner, you may want to consider shaving each other if you find that doing it yourself is monotonous.

Things to Remember

Some people are allergic to shaving creams and can have painful reactions. Using a small test area to see if your body reacts to the products, you can minimize the risk of bad reactions. There are a number of creams made for genital shaving that will not cause irritation due to the unique formations.


The Basics of Shaving

If you have long pubic hair, trim with clippers or scissors before using a razor for the close shave.

Take a warm bath to open your pores and allows you to get a closer shave.

Before applying Balls and All Shaving Cream for Men , rinse the area with cool water.

Apply shaving cream a few minutes before shaving to soften hairs.

Be sure to use a new blade every time you shave.  


Get Your Buzz One

When shaving, stroke an area no more than twice to reduce skin irritation. On the first stroke, go "with the grain" to remove most of the hair, then go "against the grain" for a smooth, close shave. If "going against" tends to irritate you, then skip that and use both strokes "with the grain."

Be sure to clean the area afterwards with water to reduce the risk of infection.

Daily application of baby powder or talcum powder especially helpful after shaving to keep the area dry and irritation-free.