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Boy Butter Water Based Sex Lubricant


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I Can't Believe It's Water Based

How did they get a water based lubricant in such a creamy form ? The formula starts off as standard water based gel lubricant but  Vitamin E and Shea Butter are added, these are oil-like substances but do not harm latex and is 100% safe. As soon as Vitamin E is introduced, we can whip the formula into a creamy texture, once in a cream form it eliminates tackiness or stickiness and reduces the need for constant reapplication. A longer lasting and more versatile water based lubricant that is 100% water based, latex safe and vaginally safe as well containing Vitamin E, Shea Butter and a light vanilla-sweet smell. Plus its doctor recommended!!

No more stains on surfaces or fabrics. No soap or afterwash required, just water. Boy Butter is odorless, safe, gentle, edible, and great inside and out of the body. Totally safe on rubber, glass and silicone-based toys. Great for masturbation and anal sex.