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Boy Butter Sex Lubricant


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I Can't Believe It's Not ...

The traditional lubricant offered in the tube. Boy Butter Coconut oil-based personal lubricant blended with an organic silicone ingredient. The coconut oil is mainly used in massage oils. These two ingredients are then combined and homogenized like real butter to create a water-soluble oil-based cream lubricant, that is odorless and will outlast silicone based lubricants while washing off with water alone. This lubricant becomes a staple for those who love to masturbate. The creamy texture gives enough friction to create heat and warm you up.

No more stains on surfaces or fabrics. No soap or afterwash required, just water. Boy Butter is odorless, safe, gentle, edible, and great inside and out of the body. Totally safe on rubber, glass and silicone-based toys. Great for masturbation, anal, and limited vaginal sex, and makes an excellent hardcore S&M lubricant. Boy Butter is also a great massage cream because of the coconut oil.

3 year shelf life and no refrigeration required.

What People are Saying

" It works really good, no smell. If you dont like water based lube or cant use it ,  then this is the best u can use. If you are like me and are allergic to water based lube this is great... "