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Bottoms Up Desensitizing Anal Spray 


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Put Your Booty in the Air

Made for men that love to give up the booty, Bottoms Up Desensitizng Anal Spray makes the bang better. Bottoms up is made with natural ingredients and a mild numbing agent that allows your muscles to relax. You will experience more pleasure and less discomfort. No-mess spray gel absorbs quickly and won't run. Starts working right away. Use with Swiss Navy or Gun Oil lubricant for safe and enjoyable anal play. Creams and lubes can get messy, especially when you're fumbling around in the dark. This is a fresh, new method that ensures bottoms are prepared for entry. A couple spritzes and your are ready to go where others have not gone before.


How do Anal Relaxers Work ?

Anal Relaxers are products that allow men to enjoy the experience of anal sex by relaxing the muscles and limiting tension that some experience. These products are great for those that are new to the pleasure of anal sex and experienced individuals that are looking to add more excitement. These products are 100% Safe and contain no harmful chemicals.