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The Benefits of  Mutual Masturbation


If you are enticed by the idea of mutual masturbation and need some encouragement, then this article is for you. Mutual masturbation is when a male and his partner masturbate together. This can be done among two people or in a group setting. There are many benefits to sharing your favorite activity.

It's Fun

Most men need visual stimulation to get them aroused. Imagine having someone in front of you giving you a show in real life. You can see, hear and share in the excitement. They can also live out your fantasy or position themselves in a way that elevates your desire. Men who enjoy Jacks parties love the group dynamic.


Guilt Free Pleasure

Mutual masturbation is not sexual intercourse. Should you decide to wait until you find the right person before enjoying penetration, you can still have a fulfilling sex life while you wait.  Some men have decided to abstain for personal reasons but can enjoy a release while respecting thier values.


The Safest Sex

Mutual masturbation will give you and your partner total control over where both of your body's fluids will end up. This will lessen any chance of either one of you contracting a sexually transmitted disease.


You Can Spice it Up

You don't have to just sit there and look at each other. Incorporate masturbation toys to add a more sensation and create a very intense orgasm. The Super Sucker Stroker  is super soft. The toy feels like the real thing. It even has ribs inside to stimulate your entire penis. Simply lube it up and slide inside it's life like lips.  You and your partner can role play while enjoying mutual masturbation. You are only limited by your imagination.


Just Do It

You now have a number of great reasons to stroke one out. Invite a friend over for a stroke session for find a jo club in your area. The possibilities are endless and the pleasure will create great memories. Happy Stroking !