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How to Be Better in Bed


If it's a question you have asked yourself, then this article is for you. We have all heard other people describe their lovers that way. And what exactly makes someone good in bed?  I've have a few ideas that might put your mind at ease .


Unleash Your Swagger

A person who owns their own sexuality is always hot. They know what turns them on. There is no guess work. They also know how to please. Take charge. Assert yourself. Your partner will love it!


Stay in the Moment

It's easy to get distracted. We have our cell phones on, constantly checking our statuses and are following others who do the same. When it comes time for love making, it's time to get primal. Turn everything off and focus on them. Make the experience special. Enjoying the moment will heighten orgasm and increase intimacy.  


 Be Vocal

 Use the dirty words to add aural excitement to the bedroom. Let your fantasy come alive.  Tell your partner what you want and also let them know when they are doing it right. Men perform better under praise.


 Be Open

Be willing to try new things. If you get stuck in a rut, then say so. Take actions to do things in different ways. Try new positions should you get stuck doing the same ones. Do it in different locations. The new scenery can create a new stimulating factor. Live out your fantasies with each other. Use a toy.  A prostate massager can help him achieve an anal orgasm.  The Dr. Joel 5 Function Prostate Massager is great for novices. A masturbation toy can make web cam sex sizzle. The possibilities are endless. It's all a part of creating emotional and physical intimacy.


Be Prepared

Being a great lover also means that you are prepared for anything that can happen. Make sure your place is clean and well stocked with toiletries. Keep an anal douche should there be any accidents. Make sure  you have enough lube and condoms. I keep a bottle of Honey Lube because it feels sikly and moisturizes the skin. The boy scouts rule applies during sex. Prepration makes play better.