Light a Room for Sex                                     


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Aromatherapy for Sex


Scents have been used for thousands of years for romance. Science has currently proved the powerful benefits that aromatherapy play in sensual lovemaking. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful. It makes food taste better while creating a doorway to arousal. Use these scents to help set a mood for passionate lovemaking.


 Queen of all flowers, rose is the perfect fragrance for romance. Aromatherapists typically use it to calm nerves and banish blues.

How to use it

Scatter fragrant rose petals on the sheets; or float rosebuds in a warm bath (better still, in a tub big enough for two).



In ancient times, it was used as an aphrodisiac. Today, basil is used to clear and strengthen the mind.

How to use it

Passsome pesto (it's made with basil) or put a few drops of basil oil in hot water [heat releases the herb's aromatic properties].



 Cinnamon promotes feelings of comfort and relaxation and helps to reduce nervousness.  

How to use it

Light a cinnamon-scented candle to create a receptive mood, or try a cinnamon massage oil. Choose cinnamon leaf oil for an aromatherapy massage just make sure it's well diluted to avoid irritating skin.



 Orange improves mood and may lessen anxiety making it great for erasing first-date jitters.

How to use it

Place a few drops of orange essential oil in a fragrance diffuser or try firing up some orange aromatherapy candles or rubbing on citrus-scented massage oil.


Aromatherapy to Go

Sometimes you don't have time to take essential oils and sachets with you.  When it comes to the bedroom, the less we have the better. Therefore, I strongly recommend a scented candle or spray. Massage candles are compact and easy to transport. All you need is a light and the romance can begin. Made with pheromones, you will benefit from aromatherapy and natural seductive scents. Silky sprays work in a similar way but contain a fresh powder that will transform any sheet into a silky experience. Highly reccomended by couples, these sprays not only small good but feel great on the body.