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Anal Eze Cream Relaxer


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Put Your Booty in the Air

Anal Eze is a desensitizing cream used to enhance the pleasure of anal penetration. 1.5oz.


What People Are Saying

" This lubrication far exceeded my expectations. It has a silky finish which feels exquisite, and doesnt dry out. It cleans up easily and quickly and is just luxurious right from the very begining. "


" I have always had trouble with my hubby wanting anal sex with me . we tried this product and wow i now want him to have anal sex with me all the time . the orgasms are great. and i love feeling him cum in my ass. we have a friend we play with and he is well endowed, 9 inches and fairly thick and now he is taking me in the ass. they are trying to talk me into two in the ass . i dont know about that though . "


" This stuff is amazing. We wish wed bought it sooner! Its great for first timers and veterans alike. If a condom isnt used, it is desensitizing, but that just means prolonged fun :-) Well be buying more for sure.


How do Anal Relaxers Work ?

Anal Relaxers are products that allow men to enjoy the experience of anal sex by relaxing the muscles and limiting tension that some experience. These products are great for those that are new to the pleasure of anal sex and experienced individuals that are looking to add more excitement. These products are 100% Safe and contain no harmful chemicals.