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Anal Douche 101: How to Clean Yourself


This is my simple techinique for anal douching. Be sure to invest a quality douche with an easy to squeeze bulb. I use the Personal Cleansing Bulb because it is has a very small tip and holds enough water for great irrigation. Our most popular douche is the Glow in the Dark Anal Douche by Calexotics.


Gather Your Gear

 Be sure to have everything you need for cleansing. This process will take a few minutes. Gather your anal douche , baby wipes and lubricant .


Shower First

 I suggest taking a shower before cleansing yourself. You will be relaxed and body prepared for cleansing.


Fill up the Bottle

Place your anal douche under the water faucet in your shower and fill it with water. Be sure to use enough that will allow you to irrigate your body. Place the tip back on the bottle and rub some jelly on the tip to ensure a smooth insertion.



While laying on your side, slide the tip of the douche in your body about two inches. This will ensure that the douche is securly in place.



Squeeze as much of the water inside your body. The bulb will decompress when the water is removed. Once the water has left the bottle, remove the tip to keep any waste water from entering back into the bottle.



Relax and hold the water inside for approximately ten seconds.



Sit over the toilet and release all fluid. Use your baby wipes to remove any waste.



Should you feel that you are not clean, Repeat this process another time.


Dickz Pickz

White Tiger Silicone Lubricant